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Title: Unexpected Appearances
Author: elfcat255
Pairing: Sam/Janet and Alex/Olivia
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings:none....but this continues on from the first crossover *The Run-In"..oh and i'm messing with canon again..heh

AN: Okay this was requested by both [livejournal.com profile] elliedragon and [livejournal.com profile] triggerhappy...I hope you two like it and realize you've started another little series...there will be more..don't worry...*grin*

The room door opened and a tall blonde-haired woman entered, her arms weighed down by the many shopping bags held in her hands. She trudged over to the bed, let the bags drop and then fell face first onto the mattress.

Janet closed the door as she witnessed her partner’s fall to the bed and could not help but laugh softly, “Sam it wasn’t that bad,” she remarked.

Turning her head until she could see the doctor from the corner of her eye Sam groaned and gave a muffled reply, “It should be against the law for you to have a credit card.”

Placing her own bags next to the closet, Janet walked over to stand at the end of the bed. Straddling the lower part of Sam’s legs that hung from the bed she bent over running her hands under the jacket and over her partner’s lower back; massaging the tight muscles she found there, “All you had to do was say something sweetie and I would have stopped,” she told her partner.

Sam rolled over and grabbed the doctor’s hands, pulling her down until Janet lay on top of her longer frame, “You looked like you where having so much fun…I didn’t want to ruin it,” she replied.

Janet grinned and nodded, “I did find some good deals…besides I think you had fun watching me model outfits,” she commented.

Rolling her eyes Sam blew out a breath, “Okay yeah…I did enjoy that but can we do something I want tomorrow, “ she asked pouting slightly and making puppy dog eyes at her partner.

Janet laughed at the look her partner was giving her, “Yes, we can do some of your things tomorrow you big goof,” she told Sam, bringing one of her hands up to tweak the blonde-haired woman’s nose.

Sam reacted quickly, darting her head up and caught fingers in her teeth before Janet could pulled her hand away, “Sam…give me my hand back,” Janet said in a less than serious tone.

Shaking her head Sam tugged on the hand trapped by her teeth, “Gotta give me a kiss, “she mumbled out around the fingers trapped in her mouth.

The doctor stretched her body until she could place a light kiss on Sam’s nose; Sam released the hand and captured Janet’s lips before she could move away from her face. After several minutes of slow exploration she broke the kiss and grinned at her partner then rolled them both over until she could prop up on her forearms, perched over the smaller body beneath hers‘. She began peppering light kisses along Janet’s lower jaw, working her way down to her neck.

Janet let out a small groan, ”If you don’t stop that we can’t go meet Alex and Olivia for dinner,” she told her frisky partner, “and what happened to you being tired?”

Sam raised her head, “Got my second wind, “she replied with a crooked grin.

Pushing against Sam’s chest, Janet made her roll off, “We have plenty of time for that later; I need to call Alex,” she said rising from the bed.

Throwing an arm over her face Sam groaned and then peeked out from under her arm to see Janet standing at the foot of the bed with her arms crossed, eyebrow cocked in her direction, “You were the one who insisted upon taking them to dinner Samantha,” the doctor remarked.

Sighing at the use of her full name, Sam sat up, “I know…call them and find out what the plan is for tonight,” she said, “I’ll go take a shower while you do that.” She rose from the bed, dragging her feet as she walked past Janet to the bathroom.

Shaking her head at her retreating partner’s actions Janet picked her purse up from the table next the door and found the card Alex gave her that morning, she walked back to the bed and picked up the phone’s receiver; placing the call to the attorney and her partner.


Alex laughed at the look on her partner’s face as she unlocked the door to their apartment. Olivia trudged through the opened door and deposited the shopping bags in a nearby chair; she then dropped down on the couch, with a tired groan.

“It wasn’t that bad Liv,” Alex said as she closed the door and tossed her keys on the side table.

Liv let her head fall on the back of the couch, “I think you made me try on every dress in Manhattan,” she said wryly.

Alex chuckled as she removed her jacket, hanging it up she walked to stand behind the couch; looking down at her grumpy partner, “You looked so good in all of them I just couldn’t make up my mind,” she told Liv with a grin.

Sticking her tongue out at her partner the detective reached up, she tugged on Alex’s shirt until she bent down so Liv could give her a kiss. After a few minutes, Liv broke the slow kiss and smiled at the upside down face, “Okay…it was worth it now,” she remarked.

Standing up Alex walked around until she could sit on the couch next to her dark-haired partner; Liv threw an arm around her shoulders and pulled the blonde closer to her, “So what do you have planned for tonight…besides showing me off in one of those dresses?” she asked.

Giving the detective a smug look Alex replied, “Well, while you were trying on that little black dress I called and told them to hold a table for four at Marco’s open since I wasn’t sure what time we would go out; when I hear from Janet I’ll call back and tell them what time to expect us.”

“Do you think they’ll still want to go out?” Liv asked.

“Sam seemed like she really wanted to say thanks and I think Janet will hold her to her word,” Alex remarked.

Liv thought for a few moments, “I still want to know what they really do; they’re hiding something,” she finally said.

“It’s the military my dear, there’s no telling what they do; maybe we can get some better clues out of them tonight,” commented Alex as she sat up pulling away from Liv’s grasp to rise from the couch and walk towards the bags in the chair.

While Alex pulled outfits out of the bags and laid them across the couch, Liv sat there her thoughts whirling about the two women they met today; her instincts screamed there was some kind of cover-up involving the pair. Hearing the sound of a cell phone trilling, she rose from the couch and walked over to Alex’s jacket; reaching into the pocket, she pulled out her partner’s cell phone, knowing it was not work by the ring tone, she answered.

“Alexandra Cabot’s phone…how can I help you?” she asked, grinning and waving at Alex who was giving her an odd look.

She mouthed, ‘Janet’ and then said into the phone, “Yeah its Olivia…hold on a sec and I’ll hand you over to Alex.”

Passing the phone to her partner, Liv looked at the garments Alex laid out trying to pick out what to wear while keeping an ear open to the one-side conversation taking place two feet from her.

“Yes we’re still up for dinner if you two are,” Alex said, she pointed to a blue dress and Liv shook her head.

“Will Italian be okay with you and Sam?” she asked, while reaching down to pick up a green silk dress and hold it up.

Liv shook her head again and Alex shot her an exasperated look, “Good then…we’ll meet you two in front of the hotel at eight,” she told Janet, “Okay…we’ll see you then…bye Janet.”

She cut the phone off and stomped her foot, “Will you pick one out please,” Alex said to her partner.

Liv reached down and picked up the black cocktail dress, “This one,” she said holding it up against her chest.

“Thank you…now go get a shower; I need to you to help me fix my hair,” Alex said to her partner.

Liv tossed the dress over her shoulder and began moving towards the bedroom, “You want to come share the shower?” she asked turning to give Alex a half-smile and a wink.

“No…the last time we did that I was late for court remember, I’d hate to make a bad impression by showing up late to meet our new friends…now go,” the attorney said pointing towards the bedroom.

Liv shrugged but did not argue…there was always after dinner she thought and turned around to disappear into the bedroom. Alex sighed and began trying to decide what she would wear to the dinner with their new friends.


Janet hung the phone up and sat there for a minute, she could hear the shower running already and she thought about joining Sam. However, that would only make her partner think she had gotten her way and the doctor was not going to let that happen. The past month had been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for the both of them as Sam came to terms with all that happened to her and her own actions on PX4-346.

Sam had made great strides in healing physically and emotionally but sometimes Janet thought she would use it as a crutch to get her way in certain things. Not that it was that bad of a thing especially when it came to making love; her partner felt the need to reconnect still and had been very amorous lately but the pouting, whining and sulking needed to stop and Janet thought it was time to start putting her foot down.

Sighing, the doctor rose from the bed and walked to the closet to search through their clothes to see if they had brought any they could wear out or if she would have to pick something from what she had bought today. Choosing several items she laid them out on the bed and stood staring at them trying to decide; this is how Sam found her when she walked out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around her body and hair slicked back.

“Problems?” she asked coming to stand beside her partner.

“No…just trying to make up my mind,” Janet replied.

Sam looked over the clothing spread across the bed, “Well I can tell you already this won’t fit you,” she said picking up a blue satin dress, ”it’s mine.”

Janet gave her a duh look, “I know that silly, do you want to wear it?”

“Did you pack my short white jacket” Sam asked her face clouding over.

“Why?” Janet asked and then realized why Sam wanted the jacket when she remembered the scars, “yes…it’s hanging in the closet,” she said softly.

“I just don’t want to have to explain them that’s all,” her partner said her voice low and then she perked up, “Hey…will you wear this? It makes you look really sexy.”

Janet looked at the dress in Sam’s hands now, the sleek green silk did fit her good and it worked well with her tanned skin and hair color. “Will you run the iron over it for me while I shower?” she asked.

“Sure...I can do that; did we bring an iron?” Sam asked giving her a confused look.

Laughing softly Janet walked over to the closet; she reached up on the shelf and picked up the iron. She brought it back and set it on the bed, ”The hotel provides one, there’s an ironing board just inside the closet door too,” she told Sam who still had a look of confusion on her face, “Businessmen Sam, wrinkly suits are not a good impression.” she supplied.

“Ahh…gotcha,” Sam said nodding, “I’ll get right on it. What time are we meeting them?” she asked walking to get the ironing board out of the closet.

“Alex said they’d meet us out front at eight…its six-thirty now so we have plenty of time,” replied Janet as she walked into the bathroom.

“Okay…I’ll have this ready when you get out,” Sam called out as she heard the shower start.

Setting everything up Sam looked over at the dress she was going to wear, “Might as well do mine too,” she said to herself and waited on the iron to heat.


A few minutes before eight o’clock Sam and Janet strolled arm in arm through the hotel doors to stand under the awning waiting for their new friends to arrive; as they waited a nearby door attendant asked if they needed a taxi.

“No thank you we’re expecting some friends any minute now,” Janet told him.

Sam glanced down the street, spotting an approaching car, “This might be them,” she said pointing; the car grew closer and that was when Sam saw that it was a limousine, “or maybe not.”

The limo pulled over to the curb in front of the hotel and the driver exited, he walked around to the passenger door and stood by it. The window slid down slowly and the couple from Colorado was surprised to see Liv’s head appear.

“Do you pretty ladies need a lift?” she said smiling at the pair.

Sam and Janet gave each other stunned looks and walked towards the car, the driver opened the door for them and they climbed in the back. Moving over Liv made room for the couple to sit and she repositioned herself across from them next to Alex. Soon the car pulled away from the curb and they sat in silence for a few minutes until Sam spoke up, “So…is this your everyday car or are we just getting special treatment?” she asked and then grimaced as Janet pinched her leg, “Ow.”

Alex and Liv both laughed at the look Janet gave Sam, “It’s okay Janet…to answer your question, No…I borrowed it from my mother,” Alex told them.

“But we thought it would be nice to pick you up in style,” Liv added, smiling at the couple.

“Your mother’s car…so she must be rich then,” said Sam to Alex and then she jumped as Janet pinched her again, “Alright that’s it…Liv switch places with me; she can’t reach me over there.”

This made the couple from New York burst out laughing and soon their friends joined in; when the laughter trickled off Janet spoke up, “I apologize for Sam’s bluntness…it seems a certain Colonel’s manners have rubbed off on her.”

“It’s fine Janet…I like people who speak their minds, you seldom see it nowadays so it’s like a breath of fresh air when it happens, “Alex told her, “to answer your question, yes you could say my mother is rich. The Cabot’s are an old blood family Sam; it comes in handy at times I think.”

“Like when she’s cleaning out the stores on Fifth Avenue,” remarked Liv, it was her turn to say ow as Alex slapped her on the leg.

“Hey Liv…you want to make him stop the car and we’ll catch a cab…might save us from more bruises,” quipped Sam.

“I think the two of you should just sit quietly until we reach the restaurant,” Janet commented, “and let Alex and I carry on our conversation.”

“I agree…in fact Liv go ahead and switch places with Janet; we’ll talk while you two kids play,” Alex added.

Doing as told Liv moved, making room for Janet to slide past her and sit beside Alex while she sat next to Sam. The two smart alecks watched as their partners carried on their conversation; Liv glanced over at Sam, “Are you in trouble?”

Sam shook her head, “No…you?”

Liv shrugged, “Nah.”

They grinned at each other and then started their own conversation. Soon the car came to a stop and the driver exited, coming around to open the door for them; the four women climbed out of the car and went into the restaurant.


A few heads turned when the four women entered but not many; they left their overcoats with the coat check person and then followed the host through the restaurant to their table, this is when the heads started turning, men as well as women watched the two couples stroll past. Both Sam and Liv threaded their arms around the waists of their respective partners as they walked, this in itself caught many people’s attention but the main reason was for the appearance of the four.

Both Alex and Liv wore black cocktail dresses, Liv’s being shorter and more form fitting, the thin straps showing off her toned shoulders and arms. Alex’s dress was a bit longer; coming just to her knees and it lay off the shoulder, the dark color made her pale skin glow in low lighting of the establishment. Her shoulders and neck even more accentuated by the fact she wore her hair pinned up in a French braid with little wisps escaping to curl around her face.

Sam and Janet were a contrast in light and dark as they followed their friends; Janet’s petite frame accentuated by the form fitting green silk dress, the neck of which was a wide scoop, dipping low enough just to tease the viewer with a hint of cleavage; her hair, carefully curled lay soft against her shoulders. Sam was all light colors, from the pale blue of the satin dress she wore to the creamy white of the light waist length jacket she wore over it; the coat’s length only drew more attention to her for it accentuated her trim waist and hips as she walked alongside her partner. Having given up on her hair the blonde-haired woman ended up slicking it back, the ends of her short hair curling against her neck and ears.

Reaching their table, both Liv and Sam held the chairs for their partner’s as they sat and then seated themselves. Once everyone settled a waiter appeared and Alex ordered a bottle of wine, when the man left to get that she turned to Janet, who sat at her right, “You will love this place, Liv and I eat here all the time,” she told the doctor.

“We have a nice little Italian place back home we like to go to, Sam tries to put them out of business every time by eating all the breadsticks,” Janet said smiling at her partner.

Shrugging Sam grinned, “I like their bread.”

The waiter returned at that moment with the wine and after allowing Alex to sample it, began pouring the liquid for the women. He then stood beside the table and recited the dishes on the main menu for the evening. After a few recommendations from their friends Sam and Janet decided on their meal; Alex told the man they would have their usual and selected a couple of appetizers for the couples to snack on while they waited. He nodded and left their table to place the order.

Sam sipped her wine and looked over at Liz, catching her eye she asked, “Does she always do that?”

Nodding Liv replied, “Oh yeah…I just let her go with the flow, I’m more of a burgers and fries person; she’s right at home in places like this.” Liv took a drink from her glass, “So…why did you join the Air Force?” she asked Sam.

“Kind of followed in my father’s footsteps…he’s a General now; that and I really wanted to fly,” Sam told her grinning.

“Fly…you get to fly even with a desk job?” asked Liv, her curiosity spiking.

“Oh yeah…told you there was more grunt work to my job then just sitting behind a desk,” replied Sam and she began telling Liv about the different aircraft she got to fly.

Alex and Janet watched as their partners became involved in their conversation; Janet looked at Alex and spoke, “Well that’s it…Sam’s talking about flying, they will be occupied all night now.”

Alex grinned, “She’s a thrill junkie isn’t she?” she asked the doctor.

“Between the motorcycles and the jets, I’m surprised she has time for me,” Janet said grinning,” but I get her attention somehow.”

Chuckling softly Alex replied, “I know what you mean; I have to drag Liv away from casework so many times it’s pitiful…although she has to do the same with me also.”

The waiter appeared again, carrying their appetizers, he placed them on the table and after making sure everything was satisfactory, left once again. After splitting up the little treats, the conversations continued. Occasionally Sam or Liv would toss their comments across the table when they heard things about them mentioned but mainly they were still talking amongst themselves.

Janet asked Alex, “How did the two of you meet?”

“I’m a prosecutor for the district attorney’s office, dealing with sex crimes; Liv is one of the detectives working in the special victims unit, it’s the division that handles crimes like that. We kind of butted heads over a few cases and one thing lead to another, now here we are after four years,” Alex told the doctor, “How did you and Sam meet?”

Smiling wistfully Janet spoke, “She wound up in the infirmary with a very nasty virus…admitted a few things to me and we realized we both felt the same way about the other and just went on from there.”

Sam heard the remark, “She drugged me…it was all her evil little plan,” she said in a flat tone, but smiled at her partner and placed a hand over Janet’s squeezing it.

“Oh admit it, if you hadn’t been out of your mind you never would have said anything to me,” Janet remarked.

Shrugging, Sam replied with a grin, “I was working up the courage to approach you…getting sick just sped things up a bit.”

Liv and Alex laughed at the look Janet threw her partner and at the blush appearing on Sam’s face from it. Alex sipped her wine, turning to face Janet again, she asked, “You mentioned you had a daughter this morning, how old is she?”

Smiling Janet answered, “Cassandra is fourteen…” Sam butted in, “Going on forty.” Janet shot her another look and Sam turned back to her own conversation, “She’s very mature for her age.”

“Fourteen?” Alex asked with confused look.

“She’s adopted,“ Janet explained, “her parents where friends of mine and they died in an accident. She’s been with us for two years now.”

Liv looked at Sam, “Sounds like you two have a nice life…good careers, a kid, wonderful relationship.”

“Oh we have our rocky moments…mostly work related though,” Sam replied and then changed the subject before Liv could ask anything about the comment, “So…how long have you been with the NYPD?”

Liv recognized the tactic but let it slide as she began talking about her work. If all they could get from the couple were cryptic remarks then finding out what they really did for a living would be tough she thought.

The conversations continued until the waiter appeared carrying a large tray, he set it up on a folding stand and began placing their main courses before them. Alex asked him to bring another bottle of the wine and then he disappeared again, returning shortly, placed the wine at her side and left. The couples settled down and began eating their meals, little bits and pieces of remarks floating between them, mostly about the wonderful food and what else the visiting couple planned for their stay. Sam muttered something that made Liv laugh and as she moved to cover her mouth knocked over her glass of wine. The resulting spill landed on Sam’s jacketed arm, which rested on the table.

“Oh crap…I’m sorry Sam,” Liv said trying to mop up the spill.

“Hey…no problem, accidents happen, “said Sam as she dabbed at her jacket sleeve, “let me go see if I can stop this from staining.”

As she rose from the table Alex pointed out the direction of the ladies room; pushing her chair in Sam began to walk away and Janet spoke up, “Need any help?”

“Nah…I got it, you eat your food; I’ll be right back,” Sam told her.

They watched as she disappeared around a corner and then Liv sighed, “I can’t believe I was clumsy…I’m going to the bar to get some club soda, water won’t get that wine out…I’ll be right back,” she told the other two.

Alex and Janet watched her walk away and then Alex turned to the doctor, seeing the worried look on her face, “What’s wrong? I’m sure they can handle a little wine stain,” she said.

Janet composed herself, “Oh yes…I’m sure,” she replied and then changed the subject to something else so Alex would not question the worried look again. It was not the jacket that worried her; it was what Sam would do when Liv questioned her about what was under the jacket that concerned her. She just hoped Sam would be okay and not spiral down when questioned and she knew Liv would have questions; the detective seemed to be that type of person. Janet shook her head, dismissing the thought and concentrated on Alex.


After procuring a bottle of club soda from the bartender, Liv made her way to the ladies room to check on Sam. She pushed the door open and saw the tall blonde bent over the sink wetting the sleeve of her jacket. As she walked to stand behind her Liv could not help but notice the patchwork of scars reveled by the low back of her dress.

“Oh my god…what happened to your back?” the detective blurted out.

Sam ignored the outburst and just sighed, “Grunt work, “she said softly, not looking up from her task.

“Grunt work? Sam…I work in sex crimes, I know whip marks when I see them,” Liv said coming to stand beside the woman.

“Let’s just say I had an assignment that took a wrong turn and leave it at that… okay,” Sam said finally looking up and seeing the concerned look on Liv’s face in the mirror, “I’m fine…it’s in the past now.”

Now that she stood under the light from the vanity Liv could make out the faint scars on the woman’s arms and glancing up caught the pained look on Sam’s face, “Hey,“ she said softly, “if you need to talk about it I’m pretty good at listening.”

“I’m dealing with it, with Janet’s help…really its okay,” Sam said, “Is that club soda…give it here.” The blonde-haired woman changed the subject quickly and Liv gave her the bottle; she let the subject change slide again and stood watching Sam work on her sleeve.

While they stood in silence, another woman walked into the restroom; she stopped to fluff her hair in the mirror and then moved towards one of the stalls. Sam froze…her stomach was doing a flip-flop and she had a tingling sensation wash over her. Turning her head, she glanced towards the stall the woman disappeared into, a confused look on her face.

Liv saw the look and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Umm…nothing,” mumbled Sam and went back to work on her jacket.

The toilet flushed and the woman appeared again, coming to stand next to them at the sink as she washed her hands. Sam tried to ignore the churning of her stomach and kept her head down, resisting the urge to glance in the mirror at the woman. The woman finished and upon drying her hands walked out of the rest room. Sam watched her walk away and then turned to Liv, “Could you do me a favor? Can you go back out and ask Janet to come here?”

Liv’s brow furrowed, “Sure…are you okay?”

“I’m fine…just need to talk to her and I’d rather do it in private if you don’t mind,” she told the detective.

“No problem…I’ll go tell her,” Liv assured her as she moved towards the door, leaving the room she went to get Janet.

Sam stared into the mirror and muttered, “Why can’t we ever just have a simple vacation?”


Liv returned to their table and informed Janet that Sam needed her for something. The doctor removed the napkin from her lap and sighed,” I knew she’d have problems…be right back,” she told the couple.

Taking her seat Liv picked up her fork and began playing with her food. Alex noticed the dark look on her face and spoke up, “Alright what’s going on? It can’t be that hard to get a wine stain off.”

Liv looked up from her plate, “No...That’s fine; it’s just the mystery deepens regarding those two,” she said and then told her partner about the scars on Sam’s body.

“Well…it sounds as if Sam is dealing with whatever happened in her own way Liv and that is a private matter that we shouldn’t poke our noses into…no matter how much it makes you wonder about them,“ Alex told her.

Inhaling and blowing out a breath Liv answered, “I know…I just can’t help it…it’s the detective part of me that wants to solve the mystery. I’ll try and not be so nosey.”

Alex nodded and reached over squeezing Liv’s shoulder and said, “Good...let’s just concentrate on getting to know them better; if they want to tell us anything then we’ll listen.”


Meanwhile Janet entered the restroom, where she found Sam still standing at the sink, “Since when do you have problems removing a stain?” she asked coming to stand beside her partner and then she saw the look on Sam’s face. “I know that look…what’s wrong?”

“It seems we’re not the only ones who decided to take a vacation in New York; I got that snake sense blasted through me a few minutes ago,” Sam informed her.

Janet gave her a confused look, “Goa’uld…here…now?”

Sam nodded and then told Janet what happened. “Did you recognize her?” Janet asked.

“No…but that doesn’t mean anything…could be a new host; I don’t think it’s one we’ve met before anyway at least I don’t think so, she didn’t seem to recognize me either,” Sam told the doctor as she shook out her jacket and then put it back on.

Janet thought for a few moments and then asked, “What are we going to do?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet; it’s not like I can walk up to her and say…Excuse me…but I need you to come with me quietly while we escort you back to a secret government installation.” Sam said sighing, “I don’t think that would work my dear.”

“Well…let’s head back to the table…I’m sure they are getting worried by now,” Janet said.

“Liv probably thinks I’m talking to you about what happened when she came in here after me,” Sam said softly.

“She asked about your scars didn’t she?” Janet said tugging her partner close and giving her a hug.

“Yeah…but I ignored her reaction, told her it was nothing and changed the subject,” Sam told her.

“I’m sure you just made her more curious by doing that; she strikes me as the type of person who wants to know answers to things,” Janet replied.

“Well right now we have bigger things to worry about…like why a Goa’uld is eating at restaurant in New York; let’s just try and deal with that first,“ Sam said getting away from the subject of her.

“Alright then…come on let’s go back out,” Janet remarked, grabbing Sam’s hand and tugging her towards the door.

The couple exited the restroom and before returning to the table stood in the shadows, until Sam spotted the woman from the restroom. She pointed her out to Janet and then they both looked at each other in confusion.

“It can’t be…can it?” Janet asked as they watched several men fawn over the woman.

“Well if it is she sure as hell didn’t give me a second glance…unless she was trying not catch my attention,” Sam remarked wryly.

“I thought she was killed?” Janet asked her partner.

“So did I…but then this is a Goa’uld we’re talking about; they seem to have more lives than cats sometimes. I’m definitely going to have to call Jack about this but there’s nothing they could do,” she sighed, “it’s going to be up to us to stop her again,” muttered Sam.

“We’ll figure out something…come on,” Janet said and began walking back to their table and the couple waiting on them.

Sam followed behind shaking her head and grumbling, “A nice quiet vacation…that's all I wanted….damn Hathor.”

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