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Title: Rocky Mountain Getaway
Author: elfcat255
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings:none yet..there will be a follow-up to this(you have a birthday next week..doh!)*grin*

AN:[livejournal.com profile] mlspikie requested---Sam/Janet, a getaway vacation for just the two of them - and, Sam has something special planned

The elevator door opened onto level eighteen and the woman stepped out into the corridor. With helmet in hand and backpack slung over one shoulder she strolled down the hallway to Daniel’s office; the heavy soles of her boots thudding softly as she walked. Grinning slightly she ignored the stares and dropped jaws from passing male personnel as she made her way to her friend’s office. Upon reaching her destination, she found the doorway open and Daniel bent over the desk, his head stuck in a large textbook; she knocked on the doorjamb getting his attention.

Daniel glanced up at the noise and then did a double take, his eyes widening and jaw dropping slightly at the figure in the doorway, “Janet?” he finally managed to say after a few minutes.

She entered the room and he took in the full view of his friend in her motorcycle leathers, “Yes Daniel…close your mouth it’s rude,” she said grinning at the stunned man.

Daniel cleared his throat and tugged on his collar, “Um…sorry; I’m used to seeing Sam in outfits like that not you; looks good on you actually,” he said.

Janet spun around, showing off her new leathers, “I know…I thought Sam was crazy buying them for me but I like it,” she told him, running a hand over the soft creamy leather of her form fitting jacket, “they’re a little tight but she assured me they would loosen up the more I wore them.”

Daniel ran an eye over the form of his friend; the creamy tan leather accentuated the petite woman’s frame very well, showing off all the curves in the right places. Shaking his head to get the thoughts running through his head out, he looked up at Janet, “Well she should know as much as she wears hers; so why the outfit… are you going somewhere? “ he asked the doctor.

“I’m looking for Sam actually, she left me a rather cryptic message this morning; told me to meet her here but I can’t find her. Have you seen her by chance?” she asked the archeologist.

“As a matter of fact I saw her in the commissary earlier, she was talking with Siler about something, but after that I have no clue where she went; have you tried her lab?” he told her.

“First place I looked, she wasn’t there,” replied Janet, then she snapped her fingers and walked up to his desk, “Can I use your phone?”

“Sure,” he said turning it towards her.

Janet picked up the receiver, punched a few buttons, and then spoke into the phone. Daniel heard the intercom system buzz slightly and then Janet’s voice came over it, “Major Carter please report to the infirmary…Major Carter to the infirmary,” then she hung up the phone.

“Thanks Daniel, I should have thought of that to begin with; I’ll see you later,” she told him, then with a little wave turned and walked out the door.

Daniel watched the doctor saunter away as she left his office, shaking his head he muttered, “Damn…Sam is one lucky woman.”


Janet made her way to the infirmary; the looks she received as she walked the corridors were making her put a little more strut in her in stride and made her eyes twinkle with glee. It was nice to know she could make men’s heads turn even though she really enjoyed making a certain blonde-haired head turn more. Reaching the infirmary she leaned against the wall next to the door, not really wanting to go in, knowing someone would probably pester her with work related questions, she placed the helmet on the floor and waited.

After waiting for about five minutes, she heard the heavy thud of boots as someone ran towards the infirmary. Sure enough, Sam rounded the corner, pulling on her leather jacket as she ran; finally tugging it on she came to a dead stop in front of the doctor.

“Hi,” she said a little out of breath, “you paged me?”

“Well I thought it would be better than searching every level for you, seeing how you neglected to tell me where to meet you,” remarked Janet, smiling at her lover.

Sam ran a hand through her short hair causing it to spike up, “Uh…yeah sorry about that…I was hoping to meet you topside but it took a little longer to change the tires on the bike,” she replied meekly.

“So there is a reason I’m wearing this outfit then…your note wasn’t very clear,” Janet asked her.

Sam grinned, “Yep…do you have our things?” she asked the doctor.

Sliding the backpack off her shoulder Janet held it up, “Change of clothes for the two of us and toothbrushes just like the note said,” she replied.

“Good…then let’s head out,” Sam said as she bent down and picked up the helmet from the floor.

As the couple waited on the elevator to arrive, Janet could not help but glance over at her lover, running an eye up and down her leather-clad frame. Sam’s black racing leathers fit her more snugly than Janets‘; even without the added padding and plates for protection the outfit stuck to her like a second skin. Janet caught movement out of the corner of her eye and turned to see a young corporal walk into the wall, missing his turn as he stared at the two women; he recovered and seeing her watching him, blushed then disappeared around the corner quickly.

Janet chuckled softly and Sam glanced at her as the doors opened, “What’s so funny?” she asked as they stepped into the empty car.

“Oh…I think both of us in leather is just a little too much for the male population on this base to handle,” Janet replied grinning up at her lover.

Sam laughed, “They’ve seen me dressed like this before; I think it’s you that’s throwing them all off kilter,” she said her eyes roaming over the figure of her lover, “and I don’t blame them…you look damn sexy.”

That earned her a punch on the arm but Janet grinned at her also, “You bought them…evil woman,” she remarked.

“Oh yeah…pure evil,” Sam said with a crooked grin winking a blue eye at her lover.

The elevator doors soon opened and Janet found they were in the motor pool; she followed a few steps behind Sam as they walked towards a corner of the huge garage. She couldn’t help but watch Sam’s ass as she walked, the leather made it look so much better, smiling to herself she shook her head and pulled her eyes away from the lovely sight, noticing Siler standing beside Sam’s sport bike.

The Sergeant smiled at the two women, “Everything is ready to go Major,” he said wiping his hands on a rag.

“Thanks for finding me those tires and helping change them Sergeant,” Sam told him as she picked her helmet up from a nearby table.

“No problem Major, have a safe trip, “ he said and then walked away from the two women.

Sam walked up to the sleek, graphite colored Triumph Daytona 675 checking over a few things before swinging a leg over and sitting on it; she pulled her gloves out of her jacket pocket and tugged them on then looked at her lover, “Well come on,” she said the doctor holding her helmet out.

Janet tilted her head and raised an eyebrow giving Sam a look, “You’re not going to tell me where we’re going are you?”

“Nope,” Sam replied grinning, “you’ll find out when we get there.”

Janet sighed and took the helmet from Sam’s hand; she threaded her arm through the other backpack strap, settling it on her back, she pulled her own gloves out of a pocket, put them on, and then placed the helmet on her head. Sam leaned the bike over some letting Janet swing a leg over and climb on; she used her booted foot to pull the pegs down for her lover to rest her feet on and once Janet settled close against her body, clicked the ignition button.

The sleek bike’s engine roared to life, Sam let it idle for a few minutes and then pulled her helmet on. She reached up, turning on the helmet’s interior mic, “Ready?”

Janet’s answer came in the form of hands running over Sam’s thighs and then up her sides to tighten around her waist as the doctor pulled herself close against her lover’s back. Sam revved the throttle and then leaning forward eased the motorcycle into motion, threading her way between the parked vehicles as they exited the garage.

With a little wave to the guards at the entrance checkpoint as they rolled by, Sam pulled the motorcycle onto the main highway and switching gears sped up as they traveled up the road. Accelerating quickly she soon reached a nice cruising speed and keeping her eyes on the road spoke to her lover over the comm systems built into their helmets, “You okay back there?”

“I’m fine…as long as you don’t get all speed demon with me,” Janet replied, tightening her grip around Sam’s middle.

“I promise to go easy on you,” Sam said with a little chuckle and then sped up just a little bit causing Janet to grip even tighter, “Okay…just playing…I need to breathe remember that please.”

“Just concentrate on the road Sam,“ Janet replied, easing her grip some.

The doctor heard another soft chuckle in her ear as Sam leaned forward more and they sped down the highway. Letting her helmeted head lay on Sam’s back, Janet watched the scenery speed by as they traveled along. It slowly changed as they went further up into the mountains, thick trees and rocky outcrops took the place of open fields as they followed the road; Janet’s body molded against her lover’s moved with her every motion as they rounded curves and bends in the road.

After an hour or so of traveling Sam’s voice came over the speaker, “Almost there…just a little ways more,” she told the doctor.

“I can’t wait to see where we end up, you’ve got my curiosity spiking,” Janet replied and she heard another soft chuckle.

About a half an hour later Sam slowed the bike down, sitting up she eased the machine off the asphalt onto a gravel road nestled between thick stands of trees. Janet looked around as they ventured along forested lane, nothing but trees greeted her eyes. Soon they came to an open clearing and peering around Sam’s shoulder Janet caught sight of a small cabin perched amongst the tall trees; driving straight up to the building, Sam came to a stop next to the front porch. She cut the engine off and before removing her helmet said, “We’re here.”

Removing her arms from around Sam, the doctor reached up and pulled her helmet off; Sam eased the bike over and she slipped off to stand next to the machine.

“Wow,” Janet said looking around at the scenery.

Sam removed her helmet and sat on the bike smiling at her lover as she tugged her gloves off, “Surprise,” she said to Janet.

Sliding off the motorcycle Sam placed the kickstand down, eased the bike back to rest and then walked to stand behind Janet who had wandered onto the porch. The doctor shrugged the backpack off letting it fall onto the wooden floor and gazed out across the mountain view the cabin offered, “This is beautiful Sam; how did you find it?” she asked as Sam came to stand behind her.

Threading her arms around her lover’s slim waist Sam pulled her close, letting her chin rest on a shoulder, “I choose not to reveal my sources,” she whispered in Janet’s ear.

“Really,” Janet said, turning in Sam’s grip until she faced her lover, “well I have ways of making you talk my dear.” She grinned and reached up cupping Sam’s neck to pull her head down some, “Very thorough ways,” she whispered and then placed a soft kiss on her lover’s lips.

Sam tightened her grip, pulling the doctor closer as they slowly explored each other’s mouths, tongues gently twining with the others. Sam finally broke the kiss, letting her forehead rest on Janet’s she grinned and said, “Now why am I looking forward to that torture?”

Janet poked her in the ribs causing Sam to laugh and tighten her hold, picking the doctor up as she hugged her and spun them around. Setting the smaller woman down Sam pulled a set of keys out of her jacket pocket, “Here you go check out the inside while I put the bike in the shed,” she told her, handing Janet the keys.

The doctor watched her leather clad lover walk away, focusing on the way her hips swung as the heavy boots thunked on the wooden floor and then she smiled shaking her head as she unlocked the cabin door, opening it up. She picked up the backpack and her helmet from the porch then walked into the cabin, stopping just inside the doorway as she surveyed the surroundings.

The cabin was a lot bigger then it looked from the outside she noticed right away, the main room was rather spacious, with a large fireplace in the center of one wall, a couch and two chairs were positioned to face it. Off to the side a bar separated the main room from the kitchenette and in one corner a spiral staircase led to a loft, which hung out over one section of the main room; she could just make out the edges of a bed from where she stood, looking up at the second level.

Arms wrapped around her from behind as Sam walked in the door to stand with her, “Nice isn’t it?” she asked, as she stepped forward moving Janet with her.

“Very nice,” replied Janet.

She let Sam move them over to the bar where she laid the backpack and helmet down breaking away from her lover to check out the kitchen area. Rooting around in the cabinets she found them fully stocked along with the fridge when she checked it as well. Turning back to her grinning lover she said, “Okay…explain.”

“Well…it’s been a few months since we both had any lengthy downtime together so I thought we’d get away for a little while. Jack agreed to keep Cassie for a few days and here we are,” Sam told her.

“How long have you been planning this?” Janet asked as she moved to stand before her lover.

“Ummm…for awhile,” admitted Sam, “but every time I planned to bring you up here something would come up and I’d have to wait again.”

Janet placed her hands on Sam’s shoulders and stood on her toes, placing a kiss on her lover’s lips, pulling back, she smiled, “I love you,” she said softly.

Smiling back Sam replied, “I love you too…now you have to see the best part,” and then she grabbed one of Janet’s hands from her shoulder and turned, tugging her over to a glass door next to the staircase.

Looking out the door Janet saw a deck stretched along the back of the cabin, overlooking another wonderful view and sitting in one corner stood a massive hot tub. She turned around to look at Sam who seemed to have a case of perma-grin, “Could that be the reason we only needed one change of clothes?” she asked.

“Oh yeah…once I get you out of that leather it’s gonna be awhile before you need to wear anything else,” Sam replied, a mischievous glint in her eye.

“Oh really? Well…I could say the same thing about you,“ Janet replied as she eased closer and tugged the zipper of Sam’s jacket down.

“Wait…I need to turn the hot tub on so it can warm up,” Sam said quickly.

Janet laughed as her lover slipped past her and rushed to open the door, running out onto the deck. The doctor knelt down and loosened the straps on her boots, tugging them off, she then unzipped her jacket. Grinning she climbed the stairs leading to the loft.

Outside Sam wrestled with the hot tub cover; once it was off, she turned on the jets and the heater adjusting the temperature. She then turned and walked quickly back into the cabin and found herself all alone.

“Where did you go?” she called out.

A tan leather jacket landed on her head, she pulled it off and looked up to see Janet waving at her from the loft. Sam ran up the twisting staircase and several minutes later a black jacket landed on the floor joining the tan one then a couple of minutes after that, a pair of black boots hit the floor with a loud thud. Some time later after much giggling and some cursing, two pairs of leather pants landed among the other items. The only thing heard after that were soft moans and mumbled endearments as the two lovers lost themselves in their pleasure as they passed the time waiting for the hot tub to heat up.



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