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AN:written for [livejournal.com profile] replicarter22 she asked for a goldfish tale..Enjoy!

Come my friends…let us take a glimpse at five days in the lives of three goldfish and a speedy algae-eater….


“Missed me!”

“Missed me again!”

“Minnie! What are you doing?” Terline yelled as she watched her tank mate dart back and forth.

Minnie stopped and then swam up to float beside the pale goldfish, “I’m playing tag with Flash.”

Terline glanced down at the bottom of the tank, “I don’t see him; how can you be playing tag?”

“Oh…he’s hiding in the fort…he darts out when I get close,” she replied smugly.

“That’s not a very interesting game of tag,” stated Terline.

Minnie huffed and floated away some, “You wouldn’t know fun if it bit you on the tail,” she said and swam back down to play again.

“I swear she has a screw loose somewhere,” said Terline rolling her eyes.


“Terline… Come play with us!” Cleo yelled out.

“I’m fine…you look like you’re doing okay without me!” the pale goldfish yelled back.

She watched as her other three tank mates darted back and forth between the flickering colored lights. The human had turned off the overhead light and strung blinking colored lights close to their tank. The two goldfish and the algae-eater were now playing a game of ‘catch the light’. They darted wildly about the bottom of the tank trying to stop when I colored light shown on the surface of the gravel.

“They are all a little touched in the head,” she muttered.

She floated quietly in her corner, but when a blue light appeared below her, floated down to settle in the spot.


“Getawayfrommycage! Nononononono!”

Terline swam out of the hollow rock to see Flash darting about wildly, trying to retrieve a food pellet from Minnie and Cleo. He saw Terline and dashed over to her, his gills pumping frantically,”TheytookmyfoodagainTerline!”

“Calm down…how did they get your food? They can’t fit in the cage anymore,” she said to him.

Iwaseatingitanditgotpushedovertothedoor, he took a breath, “andMinniegrabbedit!”

“I’ll distract them and you get your pellet back… okay?” she said to the frantic fish.

“Yeahyeahyeahokay,” he blurted out.

“Minnie! Cleo! Come here!” she yelled.

Minnie stopped picking at the food pellet and swiveled to face Terline, “We’re busy!”


Both Minnie and Cleo looked at each other, shrugging their fins they swam towards Terline. Halfway to her a slim form streaked past them as Flash went for his food pellet; grabbing the food with his mouth, he dashed into the cage.

“HahaIgotmyfoodback…thankyouTerline,” he blurted and then began munching on his dinner.

“That’s not fair! You tricked us!” Minnie said whirling around to stare at the gloating algae-eater; then spinning back to glare at Terline, “You helped him!”

“Yes I did,” Terline said and then swam back to her place in the rock, leaving the other two fish to grumble and whine.


Terline floated quietly in her corner, she was busy reading a new book the human placed near the tank. The sounds of laughter rang out through the water; turning around she saw Minnie and Cleo swimming back and forth next to the front of the tank. They would stop occasionally, swim up to the glass, touching it, and then back away, to laugh more.

The pale goldfish swam down a little bit until she could see out the front of the tank better; a large brown object sat watching the fish.

“What are you two doing?” she asked swimming down until she floated next to the pair.

“Playing with the dog…watch,” Minnie replied and then swam forward touching the front glass.

When Minnie touched the glass, the brown dog moved, touching its nose to the spot the goldfish had and then swiped its tongue across the glass.

Cleo giggled, “It has done that every time,” and she touched the glass, getting the same response.

Terline sighed; “Does the human have any sane pets besides me?” she muttered to herself as she left the two fish to play with the dog.


Terline’s nap was interrupted by the rushed entry of the other two goldfish into the hollow rock, “What are you two up to now?”

“Shhh…be quiet,” whispered Minnie.

“Yeah…quiet,” added Cleo in a low voice.

Terline rose up a little to float above the pair, it was a bit cramped in the top of the hollow but it was better than being squished between the other two fish.

“What did you two do?” repeated Terline.

“Nothing…honest,” replied Cleo but she could not stop the giggle from escaping.

Minnie nudged her, “Shhh!”

“Cleo?” asked Terline, eyeing the calico goldfish.

The smaller fish shrank under the gaze of the pale goldfish, “Um…we blocked the cage door,” she admitted finally.

“You what…is Flash in it?” asked Terline in a rush.

“Of course not…but his food is,” Minnie answered her, “he just doesn’t know we did it; that’s why we’re hiding.”

Terline looked out the opening in front of her, she could see the algae-eater nosing around the rock fort and then he swam towards his feeding cage. A few seconds later, she heard a babbled rush of words as he darted about frantically trying to get into the cage.

Sighing she looked down at the pair below her, “Go fix it…now,” she ordered.

“Aw…do we have to,” whined Minnie.

Terline glared at her, “Now Minnie.”

Minnie huffed sullenly, ”Come on Cleo.”

Watching as they swam out of the rock, Terline floated back down to rest in her spot again, she heard more babbled words and then Minnie said, ”Can you not take a joke…geez….silly fish.”

“I swear those two will be the end of me yet,“ she grumbled and then went back to

And so concludes our little tale hope you enjoyed a glimpse into their lives!
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