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Ben Browder dropped in on the Muppet panel at Comic Con this past weekend...check it out...*g*

Ninja Ben )
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thanks to[livejournal.com profile] replicarter22 I have fixed the size problem with the wallpapers..they look so pretty now!..I deleted the other two posts so if you commented and I replied but you didn't answer me yet..sorry..but these are fixed now..yay!

Off the Grid Wallpapers...fixed! )
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I chose artwork as my challenge..I was given 3 prompts I chose two and made wallpapers.

Prompt 1- Illness or injury(a character is very ill or severely injured)
Subject used- Sam/Janet---spoilery if you haven't seen "In the Line of Duty"

Prompt 2-Unrequited love(one character thinks her love for the other is unrequited and suffers for it,possibly until proven wrong- I kinda fudged that part..doh)
Subject used- Teyla/Elizabeth--uses images from Season 3..but not spoilery

2 Wallpapers )
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Here are the 10 Most Memorable Daniel Jackson Quotes..last list..aren't you sad...lol..Enjoy! Daniel's Best Quotes )
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heh..bet ya thought I forgot..nope! Top ten list! Saved the best two for last!10 Most Memorable Quotes: Jack O'Neill Edition )
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Top Ten cliffhangers of Stargate SG-1the list )
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Another Stargate Top Ten list...Top 10 Alien Words )
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Ya'll are gonna get tired of me doin' this..heh...but I'm bored and until my muse recharges..you get another Top 10 list..hehe10 Funniest Episodes )
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Till new Stargate episodes! Yay! So I'm gonna post a Top Ten list once a day..these are from Sc-Fi magazine..not me...so if you think something should have been on the list and isn't blame them not me..lol 10 Sexiest Stargaters )
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Warned you this would happen if I got bored...heh..ok this is from Sci-Fi magazine..I probably could have thought of a few more they needed but oh well...10 Memorable Stargate quotes )
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So..after being forced off the computer this afternoon by major thunderstorms and fron falling asleep during that...I finally finished my icons and have posted them at [livejournal.com profile] stargate_abcs. Yay! Now I'm bored again..lol..maybe I can finish writing my Who/XWP crossover now that I got icon making out of my system for a bit..we'll see. As promised here are the originals from the portrait icons from my artist choice selection..and a couple more I'm proud of..Hope you like em cause I had fun making them! There are 10 of them behind here..I tried to make em small enough,so they should load ok. *edit*(oops..I fibbed..dial-up takes a few minutes to load em..if you've got faster connection no problemo)pretty..pretty behind me )
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Ok..I was lurking through journal sites (hey don't we all?) and stumbled across this on [livejournal.com profile] lyssie's journal cross-posted from another journal site..and instead of linking all the way back to that I just "borrowed" this pic(sorry,but at least I admitted it!)...it's from a catalog...SG-1 fans check this out!!!!! )
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