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Title: Night Out
Author: elfcat255
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None

AN: from prompt by [livejournal.com profile] kc_ket...A broken pager, a loose floorboard and a bit of yelling ( I fudged the pager part..made it a phone..eh)

A large truck pulled into the driveway and a figure jumped from the back, landing on the ground with a little sway and a bobble, she caught hold of the side of the vehicle steadying her stance. Loud laughter and a few yelled comments exploded at her actions and the woman made shushing noises at the other occupants of the truck bed, waving her hands to make them quiet down. A rumbling noise approached as a motorcycle grew closer to the house and then its engine cut as the rider let the machine coast the rest of the way into the driveway where it came to a stop before the figure.

“There ya go Major…safe, sound and all in one piece just like I promised,” the young lieutenant said in a loud voice.

“Geez…will you be quiet…you’re gonna wake the neighborhood,” Sam told the man, “you guys hush too…that‘s an order,” she said shaking a finger at the other men in the truck who were getting louder with every second.

The noise subsided as they grew silent, except for the occasional laugh as they settled down. “Well thanks for the ride home guys…you did good today,” the Major told them, giving them a little salute as she walked up to the bike and gestured for the rider to dismount.

He slid off and jumped into the truck with the others, with several hushed farewells from the group of men the truck backed out of the driveway then sped off down the street, leaving Sam to push the motorcycle closer to the house. Stopping before the garage door, she wobbled slightly and reached down to pull the door up then pushed the Indian into the garage dropping the kickstand she let it rest and turned to close the door, catching herself on the bike to steady herself from the quick turn. Getting her bearings she made her way to the door and closed it then using the wall as a guide walked towards the door leading into the house; taking a deep breath she slipped her shoes off and slowly opened the door.

Creeping into the dark house she slowly made her way to the stairs, making her way up them she winced when she stepped on several loose floorboards eliciting what seemed like deafening squeaks in the quiet house, “I so need to fix those,” she grumbled softly.

So intent upon walking quietly up the stairs she failed to notice the figure waiting at the top until she bumped into it as she came off the stairs, “Whoa!” she exclaimed, stepping back and catching herself before she fell down the stairs.

“Janet? That is not a good place to be standing in the dark,” Sam said, her words sounding a bit slurred.

“Where have you been?” the doctor asked, ignoring the statement.

Now that her eyes had adjusted, Sam could see a faint light spilling from the bedroom door, letting her make out the stern look and crossed arms of her partner, “Umm…SG-8 did so well on their training mission we went to celebrate…had a few beers…played some pool…relaxed a bit,” Sam told her.

“I can tell you’ve been drinking, you smell like a brewery; a few beers huh?” Janet remarked her voice flat in its tone, “Please tell me you didn’t drive home.”

“I maybe drunk but I’m not stupid Janet; one of the guys who doesn’t drink rode my bike home,” Sam informed her, “Can we move now…I need to go to the bathroom.”

Janet didn’t say anything but moved out of the way and Sam walked towards the bedroom, one hand on the wall as she steadied herself. After making her way to the bathroom and finishing she came back out to find Janet sitting on the bed, a displeased look still on her face, “Why didn’t you call?”

Sam reached into her back pocket and pulled out her phone, she let it clatter onto the dresser, in several pieces, “Umm had a little accident…phone died,” she said turning to grin at her partner.

“You could have used a landline Samantha,” Janet remarked in a curt tone.

Sam cringed at the tone of the doctor’s voice, “I’m sorry…just got distracted…won’t let it happen again…promise,” she said as she pulled her shirt off, wobbling slightly as it came over her head.

Janet watched as Sam worked to pull her jeans off, getting one foot stuck, she had to grab the dresser to keep from falling and the doctor couldn’t help but grin at the drunken actions.

“You’re mad at me aren’t you?” Sam asked when she stood before the doctor in her underwear.

“Not mad…disappointed and worried but not mad,” Janet said.

Sam moved to stand before her partner, “Next time I decide to go out after a mission I will call…promise,” she said cupping the doctor’s cheek.

“Fine…now let’s go to bed,” Janet told her.

“Okay…be right back,” Sam said turning around a little too quickly she swayed but caught herself and walked back to the bathroom.

Janet climbed under the covers and listened to the sound of running water, grinning she snuggled down into her pillow waiting for Sam to return. Ten minutes later Sam walked out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around her form and rubbing another one through her wet head. Pulling the towel loose from around her she climbed under the covers and snuggled up close to the doctor.

“You took a shower?” Janet asked.

“You said I smelled like a brewery,” Sam mumbled into her ear and pulled the doctor closer to her with a content sigh.

“Thank you,” Janet replied but there was no answer except for a hummed, “Mmhuh,” as Sam slipped into sleep.

Janet smiled and just pulled the arm wrapped around her waist closer; closing her eyes she joined the blonde in sleep.
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